About Matsumoto Giken


私は 松本技研が 大好きです。

I love this company, Matsumoto Giken
I love this work although it is challenging
I love to talk from the bottom of my heart
I love you who kindly give us a hand
I love myself who strive for the best brightly and cheerfully

I want to make this company where such people would gather.
With such a team and with the greatest ideas,
I want to supply high quality products to the world.
And then, I hope to pursue works of high integrity
toward all of you who give warmest expectations to us.

Management Philosophy and Company Profile

Creative Originality Viable Development Passion for Progress
Company Name Matsumoto Giken co., Ltd.
Establishment December 22,1983
Capital 10 ML JPN
Management Yorioki Matsumoto, President
Address 1313 Enzan-Nakahagihara Koshu-shi Yamanashi 404-0023  JAPAN
TEL No. 81-553-32-4811
81-553-33-7696 (overseas sales division)
FAX No. 81-553-32-4813
Website http://matsumotogiken.jp
Main Business R&D,Manufacturing and Sales

Matsumoto Giken Co., Ltd.
1313 Enzan-Nakahagihara,Koshu-shi
404-0023 JAPAN

Overseas Cooperated Company

Magbeat Corporation (Philippines)

Magbeat Corporation
#30 Greenmeadows St. Pacita Complex 2
San Vicente, San Pedro Laguna PHILIPPINES